Academic Division


There are four levels under Academic Division.: pre-nursery, primary-, middle- and high school. levels At PDO High School, there are heads for each level and every head is responsible for the entire academic work routine of the level. In order to provide quality education, this academic division has to take responsibility. For this reason, there are education projects such as Pestalozzi Children Foundation (PCF), Centre of Promoting for Monastic Education School (CPME) and Asia Peace Education and Foundation (APEF). All these projects promote the monastic education system.


At primary level, they apply Child Centred Approach (CCA), while at middle level they use the Reading Writing and Critical Thinking (RWCT) method. In classes, the gender ratio is equal and ethnicity is varied. From an intercultural perception, every student can learn and share his or her language with classmates.

Two shifts

Currently, there are more than 6.000 students. Due to the large amount of students, the school must use two shifts. The morning shift starts at 7:00 am and ends at 12:00 am. The afternoon shift starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 4:00 pm. After the two shifts, teachers arrange extra classes whenever necessary. All students, except for the novices and nuns, wear school uniforms: white blouses and green longyi’s.

Government curriculum

PDO High School must provide the same level of education as other state high schools. We teach according to the government curriculum. All instruction and necessary preparation are in line with the state high schools. The school uses the official government curriculum from Kindergarten up to the tenth standard. To promote education methodology, primary and middle level teachers use CCA and RWCT, as mentioned above.

Parental involvement

There is a Parents Teacher Association (PTA) which helps parents follow the status of the students and encourages a good relationship between teachers and parents.

Common language

At PDO High School, the Burmese language is the commonly used teaching language. Every Friday, the school organizes a meeting for all the teachers. During this meeting, all the teachers and the principal discuss school issues and problems.