U Nayaka is a man with a clear vision. He has many great ideas for creating more at PDO High School. His vision reaches out to future generations of Myanmar students, as well as to the current students.

Invest for money-earning schemes
U Nayaka’s idea is for Monastic Education Schools (MES). Now they are facing financial problems. There is not much funding for monastic schools, and all they receive are some donations. They are able to pay a very small amount of money in teacher’s salaries, so the teachers are not happy to work at monastic schools for long periods of time. Monastic schools also don’t require payment from students, because the children who attend are very poor. That is a very real problem for MES. To solve this problem, U Nayaka wants to initiate a number of small invest for money-earning schemes, like growing corn in villages, operating taxis or other similar initiatives. If they succeed in raising funds, the plan can be rolled out, because PDO High School can already give them technical support. So, it is important to solve MES’s financial problems.

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