LIFT (Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund) is project under the supervision of our principal, U Nayaka. It is a joint-venture between local and international NGO’s, led by the Myanmar NGO Pyoe Pin. It works in, amongst others, the cyclone hit areas of the Ayawaddi Delta. Currently, it collaborates with six different monasteries.

Targeted Villages from Mawgyun (Ayeyarwaddi division)- delta area

 Self-help groups

The principals of these monasteries have developed a concept for income generating initiatives. These initiatives will increase the livelihoods of the respective communities as well as develop education opportunities for children from low income families. The rationale is straightforward. Each of these monasteries has founded a self-help group of about eight members which is tasked with creating income generation projects. These projects will help the communities and self-help groups generate more income, thanks to support for farming activities and new job opportunities. The farming support will, in turn, also provide training and employment opportunities for landless people, who will benefit from an increase in farming activity. 

Financial Management Training for Villagers

Loan of machinery

With the help of an ongoing project, these self-help groups are provided with a tractor, a threshing machine, a rice mill and a satellite phone by the monastery. The self-help groups then loan this machinery to unemployed, impoverished or landless people, who use the machinery to work the land, or make a livelihood by running a payphone business.