(MEEP) Monastic Education Enhancement Program

Monastic Education Enhancement Program is education program for 5 target area from
  • Mandalay Division
  • Sagaing  Division
  • Shan State
  • Ayerawaddi Division
  • Yangon Division
The overall objective is to begin a process of systemic reform within the Monastic Education System (MES) in Myanmar, leading to improved child centred teaching practices and learning outcomes for poor and marginalised children.

Specific Objectives:
  1. The development of a ‘Quality Improvement Secretariat’ within the Monastic system that will develop, promote and maintain minimum standards for monastic schools throughout the country.
  2. To train and provide ongoing support to ‘school development units’ that will consist of teacher trainers and administrator trainers in child centred teaching and learning approaches and school administration, in at least four states and divisions. 
To provide sufficient resources for the development of child centred learning environments in all targeted schools.

Project will impelement with 4 expected result
  1. Expected Result 01: Increased capacity of teachers to deliver child centred learning approaches
  2. Expected Result 02: Increased capacity for school management
  3. Expected Result 03: Increased capacity for quality assurance, research, monitoring and evaluation (including the development of minimum standards)
  4. Expected Result 04: Enhanced supportive environment for increased school attendance
Above four result will implement with 3 years project and after this project, to be filling up of school teacher capacity and follow up of activities, there will be next program will need to try again from project staff of Phaung Daw Oo.

Current Activities

Project has conducted CCA training in first year target place : the topic which project has been conducted are as follow:
  • Self Awareness Training for TOT level
  • CCA training for local area teachers by TOT
  • Administration and School Management training for targeted staff and principal