School Library

Search for Knowledge

To increase knowledge, a library was opened. It was named the Sutakami Library, meaning Search for Knowledge, which is the life blood of our school. On the ground floor, the library has display- and storage space for a wide variety of materials, including books (English, Myanmar), English teaching aid videos, CD-Rom’s, CD’s and cassettes, as well as self access study facilities. Upstairs there is a large multi-purpose hall, ideal for classes, meetings and seminars, able to accommodate 150 candidates or participants. Sutakami Library is designed for book browsers and self-access students, alike. The books can be borrowed systematically by way of membership cards. Clear rules for use of the library enable it to be kept tidy and to be run in an orderly way. The benefits of study materials and equipment foster the spiritual and mental development of the children.

Four noble virtues

By reading the classical literature in the library, four noble virtues can be cultivated in the mind: loving kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna), sympathetic joy (Mudita) and equilibrium (Upekkaha). Our aim is to nurture children to become people with self-esteem, who revere the truth and who understand the Buddhist principles of moral deeds (Ottappa) and moral shame (Hiri), which prevent the world from descending into chaos.