About 95 children - victims of cyclone ‘Nargis’ in May 2008 - live in three houses on the school campus. These houses were named ‘The Golden House’. Many of the children have lost one of their parents. Some of them are orphans. Many of these children also lost brothers and sisters. Many of the children were extremely traumatized and didn’t want to attend school. Seven staff members are currently looking after the children and are doing a wonderful job. The group has become one big family and the children study very hard.
Recently, 35 girls who studied at monastic schools in rural areas were also taken into the care of The Golden House. They came to PDO because in their villages they had no opportunity to continue high school. They all receive housing, food and education at PDO High School.
The Golden House is supported by World Child Care, a Dutch NGO. They supply stationary, educational materials, hygiene products, bedding, clothing and nutrition.