The School Clinic

Free care

The School Clinic at PDO High School is open to everybody who needs care. For this care, no money is charged. It was founded in 2003 by the German NGO ‘Foerdervererein Myanmar’, and has ever since been financed by it. Locals as well as people from far away visit our clinic and receive free treatment and medication. Often, more than one hundred patients are treated per day. Ten doctors work in our clinic: five general practitioners, two eye specialists, two dentists and a paediatrician. They are assisted by fifteen nurses. There are special consultation hours in the evening for our novices and monks, conducted by the nurses only. They treat daytime minor injuries – some of our novices are still very young – and dandruff, which is unfortunately very common amongst the students. 

Foreign support

All our doctors are supported by western doctors who conduct major campaigns. Recently, for example, two Australian eye specialists tested the eyesight of about 500. Defunct, untreated eyes are common in Myanmar. A prominent Swiss dentist examined the teeth of most of our school children in a single session. Our own doctors also perform eye operations and treat bad teeth on a regular basis. The school clinic ,of course, works in close co-operation with the Burnet Institute and the 3D-project. 
Moreover, the clinic provide treatment ART and other Opportunist Infection for HIV people thorugh funding from 3D Fund which are under Phaung Daw Oo project (PHPP and Javika).