Vocational Division

Our vocational division consists of five sections. We have a carpentry section, a tailoring section, a computing section, a horticultural section and a catering section for the children. 

Carpentry section

The carpentry department produces furniture for the school, including tables, benches, windows, doors, beds, chairs and living room furnishings. Most of the demand comes from PDO High school itself. The carpentry department supplies construction materials for new buildings and performs maintenance on existing buildings. Interested students can hone their carpentry skills, which they wouldn’t be able to do in a normal class.

Tailoring section

The tailoring class provides tailoring technique training for children - especially girls - who are interested in learning about sewing and designing. This includes the sewing of school uniforms, school bags, shirts, etc.

Computing section

The school has its own Information Technology Department. The teachers in this department teach the students how to use computers. They are taught how to use Office Programs, the Internet, Email and more. The department is also responsible for the software- and hardware systems of the school.

Horticulture section
The school has its own school garden next to the school compound. The children learn how to make compost and how to use the resulting organic fertilizer. The also learn gardening planning techniques. As a result, high-quality, safe, toxin-free vegetables are produced.

 Catering section

PDO High School has a catering training program for its students and staff. The school kitchen is used for this training program. At times, we hire a local or foreign professional cook.