Thone Htat Kyaung

PDO High School has a small monastic school in Yangon: Thone Htat Kyaung. Currently, around 20 students from grade six and seven are educated here. Around 10 street children also receive education at this monastery. We hope that in the future Thone Htat Kyaung will be a fully fledged school, providing monastic education to at least 50 students. Our initial aim is to start with grade I and work our way upwards. At the moment, every year a number of selected novices who have finished grade V at PDO High School in Mandalay go to Thone Htat Kyaung for two years. After completing grade VII, they return to Mandalay for the rest of their education.

Another plan for the future is to build a training centre in the vicinity of Thone Htat Kyaung for the education and housing of teachers from other monastic schools. The further education of teachers is now one of our main objectives, and it even will be even more so in the future.

Main communications office

Thone Htat Kyaung is the main office for all communication between PDO High School and the government, state offices, foreign organizations and banks. It is also our main office for the APEF project (Asia Peace and Education Foundation). See the chapter Three Organizations Promoting Education in PDO chapter.